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PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns

PPC Service

  • Account Setup
  • Keyword Research in order to find best keywords for your business
  • Installation of tracking code on your website
  • Pay on Pay-Per-Click basis
  • Quality and Targeted traffic to your site
  • Maintenance and Management on daily basis
  • Weekly Reports


There are two kinds of costs involved.

A. Google Click Charges Your ads are displayed at google network. To display your ad, google is not charging anything from you. As soon anybody clicks on your ad and reaches your site, google charges a fee from you for every click. For a complete transparency, we prefer you to directly pay click charges to google. Google charges are applicable till the account's activation last.

B.Maintenance and Management by ECordon Solutions, We charge average of 1 day of the total amount allocated by you for the previous week. (Week starting from Sun - Sat)

Your Weekly Google Budget Our Weekly Fee
Upto US$140/week US$10/week
Upto US$210/week US$20/week
Upto US$280/week US$30/week
Upto US$350/week US$40/week
Upto US$420/week US$50/week
Upto US$490/week US$60/week
Upto US$560/week US$70/week
Upto US$630/week US$80/week
Upto US$700/week US$90/week
Upto US$1400/week US$180/week
Upto US$2100/week US$280/week
Upto US$2800/week US$380/week
Upto US$3500/week US$480/week
Upto US$4200/week US$580/week
Upto US$4900/week US$680/week
Upto US$5600/week US$780/week
Upto US$6300/week US$880/week
Upto US$7000/week US$980/week
Above US$7000/week 13% of google budget