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ECordon Solutions provides logo design services for small businesses and startups. Each logo is specially designed to match the needs of your business. We also provide a personal touch by working with you to find that perfect name or in some cases design work may already be complete! You can also get assistance in designing a web page for your company . We can also put together marketing packages that include blog articles, updates, and mailing list incentives.
Our logo design services include:
  • Logo Design
  • Logo Application for Business Cards and other Products
  • Web Design / Logo Design (including websites, banners, flyers and brochures)
  • Personalized Marketing Materials to name a few.

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Principles Of An Effective Logo Design

  • Simple

    Complicated logo designs bombarded with too many elements could confuse or distract your audience instantly. An effective logo is simple, and covers the features that are vital to your business.
  • Memorable

    It takes few seconds to create an impression that lasts forever. Logo created with a right blend of colors and vibrant graphics makes you stand tall amidst others.
  • Timeless

    Just like the classic rock n roll, your logo demands to be timeless. An everlasting logo aims on your brand prior to the latest trends that might fade away as fashion peters out.
  • Versatile

    As a logo exhibits your brand image on various platforms like, letterheads, banners, business cards, etc., it requires to be versatile in order to look effective at all the sizes.
  • Appropriate

    An effective logo tells a story to the viewer. Analyze your audience base inside out to pick the right color, font, design, concept that connects with your target.
  • Unique

    Apart from being memorable and effective, a logo has to be different to gerecognized among the crowd of competitors present in the same market.

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Advantages Of Logo Design Services

  • Brand Identity

    The first and the foremost advantage of a logo design service is that it helps in creating brand identity. It aids in reflecting the existence, purpose, goals, and the aim of your brand.
  • Versatile Use

    The logos reflect the identity and essence of your brand effectively on every platform be it a letterhead, wrapping, receipt, visiting cards, newspapers, seminars, etc.
  • Consistency

    A logo gives your brand a consistent image that lasts for years even if there’s a change in the products and services offered by your brand.
  • Relevancy

    Just like web design, logo design also brings the focus on the core objectives of your business and portrays a message that is relevant and resonant to your target.

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  • Concepts Coach

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  • Naukari For Women

  • Bioware


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OurLogo Design Procedure

Why Choose Ecordon Solutions For Logo Designing?

Create An Eye-Catching Brand Logo For That Striking First Impression
  • 01

    Everlasting Brand Existence

    Our well-designed logos strive to give your business the attention it deserves by providing your brand a memorable and everlasting avatar.
  • 02


    A logo plays a significant role in building the image of the company. We make sure that your logo is meeting the latest trends & standards, and ensure that it is showcasing consistency through its color, concept and design.
  • 03

    Rebrand Through Redesign

    Our experienced and proficient designers help you to rebrand your business through logo redesign. We redesign your logo in a way that it covers all the aspects it was lacking on before. We help to uphold the essence of your company whilst modernizing the entire look of your old logo.
  • 04

    Supply and

    Whether it’s a new logo, or just a subtle tweak in the design you seek to keep your company identifiable, we help you to achieve it right away as per the need of the hour.
  • 05


    Without trying to say it louder, a perfect logo subtly and effectively delivers emotion or the idea of the company. The logos designed by us feature flat shapes, bold lines, and clear type, which attract the user attention with their simplicity and effectiveness.
  • 06

    Unique and Innovative

    Keeping in mind the basic rule of generating a logo, our team of professionals creates a unique logo that lets your business appear distinct amongst competitors.

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