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At ECordon, we recognise the need for a website that is responsive to different screens. A static site will look good on a desktop screen, but what if people want to view it on their tablet or phone? It's not going to look good. That's where mobile responsive web design comes in! We have spent hours researching different ways of achieving this, looking at graphical software and understanding coding languages. We have also looked at how to code responsive sites so that they look good regardless of screen size. For us, responsive design works. It's a way we can provide our clients with a website they are happy with, that looks good either on the PC or on the phone.
    A Responsive website is one which adapts itself to your screen – it means that it will continue to look good regardless of whether you are viewing it full width or in a smaller browser window.
    The benefits of a responsive website for your company are many:
  • Your site will look good on all devices (PC, laptop, tablet and mobile) because it is aligned to those devices from the start;
  • You will have a wider audience because you can view your site on multiple platforms using one site;
  • And finally, your website can be answered on any device – no more sending people to a subdomain.
ECordon is here to provide you with such a solution.

Features Of Our Responsive Websites

Fluid Layout

Our responsive layout fits perfectly into the four corners of every digital platform, not just the screen dimensions of a single device.

Browser Compatibility

The Responsive websites we create are programmed to run efficiently on almost every web browser including iOS, chrome, windows phone, safari, etc.

Device Agnostic

Our main aim is to deliver the client a responsive website with optimum UX, irrespective of the device that the user is working on.

Unrivalled Performance

With a responsive layout, we promise our clients a website that performs under all the conditions, along with looking stunning across every device.

Fits Into Every Width

With a fluid and responsive web design that falls into the dimensions of all screen sizes perfectly; you don’t have to worry about a new screen size breaking your website's flow!

Rich UX

Our responsive websites are designed exclusively for solving the problems of a real person by providing optimum user experience throughout.

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How Responsive Website Design
Helps Your Business


One For All

Responsive Websites mold according to the device on which they are viewed. With this option, you are required to maintain only one website, which provides an optimal browsing experience across a wide range of digital media platforms.


Capture More Audience

On an average, close to 50% of websites traffic comes from mobile devices. If your website is loading slowly, has difficult-to-read text and misfit images, chances are, a mobile user would simply switch to some other website immediately.


Upsurge Online Presence

A significant share of your target audience is viewing websites using mobile devices. If you do not have a Responsive Website the visitors landing on your website will leave it in first few seconds. The bottom line is you miss the opportunity for conversions.


No Duplicate Content

With responsive layout, you are required to maintain only one website, which provides an optimal browsing experience across a wide range of digital devices; hence, no chances of having duplicate content on websites which may confuse users.



Maintaining a single website is economical than building a different website for users accessing your website across a wide range of digital platforms including desktops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Go responsive, offer optimum browsing experience to all your visitors

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Why Choose Ecordon.Net
For A Responsive Website?

Mobile users want "it" quick! They don't wait and watch your mobile website loading for 10 seconds. They love the sites that are simple to understand and use with minimum resizing, panning and scrolling. Keeping all this in mind, the proficient developers at our web designing company build a responsive web design with nonpareil graphic design concepts & UX that offer the visitors a unique and interactive experience, with fluid Grids and flexible Media including image, video and audio files grow and shrink as per the screen size and resolution.

Our Responsive
Website Designing & Development Process:

Track With Analytics

Wireframe The Layout

Be Thumb-Friendly!

HTML/CSS Expert Review

UI/UX Testing

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