Windows App Development: Targeting The Growing Windows Users’ Base

ECordon is a Windows-based Application Development company. They offer Enterprise Application Development, Mobile App Development, and web development. The company has been in the business of developing applications for Microsoft Windows since its inception 10 years ago. ECordon can take your dream idea or product to reality by providing application services that are delivered quickly at a reasonable price.

Window App Development Services Offered By Us

  • Custom-Application Development Services

    With our Windows app development services, we let you custom-built your app as per the trending business requirements to carry out your business effectively on the go.
  • Web-Based Application Development Services

    From simple content website applications to intricate ones, our Windows mobile application development experts with proven expertise develop apps that run smoothly across all web browsers.
  • Software QA and Testing Services

    As a leading Windows phone app development company, we ensure that all our apps feature the latest aspects of Windows and are thoroughly tested by our experts on their performance.
  • Windows Game Development

    From puzzles to racing, superheroes, fairy tales, and quizzes, our mobile app developers hold proficiency in developing all kinds of gaming apps for Windows Phone.
  • Mobile Commerce App Development

    Expand your business and boost your sales by integrating e-commerce model through a high-performance Windows mobile app created by our Windows developers India.
  • Porting and Migration

    Port and migrate from your current operating system (OS) to a secure and high-performance windows phone environment.

Advantages Of Windows App Development

  • The “Live App” Tag

    More than just being an App, Windows phone apps are considered as “Live apps”. These apps are integrated far more deeply into the social services, digital wallets, and online mobile hubs. Such Apps have become user’s favorite as they do not require any lengthy process for approval.
  • Design Guidelines

    Unlike the constantly changing design guidelines of other popular operating systems, the minimal look of metro UI is what makes windows environment different than others. Where you require to will redesign your app as per the changing design guidelines of the other platform, the Metro UI has come to stay, and does not see any major design change in future.
  • Opportunities For Advancement

    As per the stats, Microsoft presently has for over 1, 20,000 apps. Out of the top 50 apps that Microsoft offers 45 apps are likely to run easily on the platform used for windows app. This makes easier for a window phone user to access these apps, and offers a big room for further development of windows phone applications.
  • Emulators Work At A High Speed

    There is a constant use of emulators in developing apps. The emulators in windows app development work at a higher speed compared to the emulators in app development for android, IOS, or blackberry.
  • User Interface Can Be Easily Created

    Windows platform use XML to create interface of an application. It offers impeccable drag and drop tools, and creating UI is a quick, simple, and straight forward procedure.
  • Increased Reliability By Microsoft

    Windows phone application development not just boasts of advanced security and encryption but also have increased reliability by the top leader of operating systems, Microsoft.

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